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Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

Essential Wellness During Your Childbearing Years...

These sessions have been created by Hillary Love, LMT, a Mother, retired Doula (a specialized labor and delivery coach/ educator), and Texas DSHS certified Breastfeeding Educator. Being a Mother for well over a decade, has given Hillary a keen understanding of what every woman needs during her childbearing years. Please feel free to browse through the following sessions, and please be sure to book an appointment during this very vital time in your and (your baby's) life.

(All pregnancy and postpartum clients must first be cleared by their OB/GYN or Mid-Wife before receiving any "hands-on" treatments or Pilates instruction)

Mother's Essentials...

One- Hour Pregnancy Masage- $95

Past-Due & Early Labor Sessions(1.5 hour)- $125

This Session focuses on specific discomforts that can occur during the end of a pregnancy. Pregnant clients who are past-due or are experiencing a long and sluggish early labor will greatly benefit from this session. We will employ time-honored effective techniques to help progress the labor and promote the most possible comfort. The art and science of Acupressure (and/or Acupuncture) techniques, massage and movement therapy are usually the tools of choice during this session. By using those tools, we've also been known to assist with the rotation of babies into the correct birthing position, which can avoid unnecessary interventions during labor and delivery.

Pregnancy & Post Natal Packages: 

  • 4 one-hour Massages and/or Acu-Pressure sessions - $280
  • 8 one-hour Massages and/or Acu-Pressure sessions - $520
  • 4 one- hour Massage and/or Acu- Pressure sessions; OR 2 one-hour Massages plus choose 2 Private Classes (can include Pilates instruction, please also note classes as described below )- $420
  • 8 one-hour Massage and/or Acu-Pressure sessions: OR 4 one-hour Massages plus choose 4 Private Classes 
(can include Pilates instruction, please note classes as

 described below)- $660

Classes that Support Wellness During the Childbearing Years...

Massage and Acupressure Techniques for Pregnancy,Labor and Postpartum: (1 hour)

This private Class has been developed for Mothers-To-Be and thier birth coach. This class will teach techniques to ease discomforts and prepare couples for Labor, Delivery and beyond. ($50)

Breastfeeding Basics: (approximately 1 hour)

This private class will instruct Mothers-To-Be or New Moms how to achieve success when it comes to nurturing her baby.The class can also be adjusted to help New Mothers who require "trouble-shooting" or to create an effective breastfeeding plan when returning to work. ($50)

Pilates Exercise Instruction for New Moms: 

(Please also refer to "Pilates" by clicking on the "More" Menu. All new moms must be cleared by their OB's first before embarking on Pilates or any exercise routine.) 

Benefit from core-strengthening and movement therapy that Pilates Exercise can offer. Pilates is a wonderful avenue to helping new moms strengthen pelvic-floor muscles while tightening abdominal muscles back to pre- pregnancy size. Pilates instruction and exercises will be performed on a padded mat with the use of cleaver small apparatus. Clients who committee to instruction and exercise 3 times a week for at least 2 months report seeing improvement in posture and weight management--plus a reshaped, leaner body.

$50 per Session (will include instructional take-home materials) or:

Pack of 3 Sessions- $120

Pack of 6 Sessions- $180

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