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"Preventive Pampering"....Over the years, we have worked very hard to design deep therapeutic yet relieving Spa Therapies that go beyond "the fluff". For centuries (in places such as Europe, India and China ), the following holistic spa therapies have not been considered just pampering-- they have been an integral part of their healthcare systems. Gentle Interventions is proud to offer the following wellness therapies to You:

Holistic Spa Menu

Our Holistic Spa Therapies use techniques based on the most effective Hydrotherapy practices from Eastern Medicine. Herbs and Essential oils are used and custom-blended to ensure the best level of care.

Essential Wellness: The following Services can be booked as a stand-alone treatment, in accompany with another service or in combination to form a custom- Package (Please refer to our Package descriptions also listed below).

 All of the following items last about 45 minutes long and are $75 each. Please book at least 48 hours 

in advance.

Bright & Clear Facial: Effective for all ages and skin conditions and features an Acupressure facial- lifting massage. Includes deep herbal cleanser, exfoliation, compress, tonifier and moisturizer. All products will be custom- blended based on preferences and needs. 

"For Your Eyes Only": Eye- lifting and Soothing Sinus Relief using the best of Aromatherapy, Herbal compresses and Acupressure point Therapy.

Head (ache) Relieving Acu-pressure Session: Includes Aromatherapy options with a Scalp , neck and facial Massage activating key Acu-points known for mental clarity, stress/anxiety release and headache

pain management.

Back- Facial: Taking the same approach as our Bright & Clear Facial (as mentioned above), This wellness session comes with an abbreviated Deep-Tissue and Shiatsu Massage. Warm-stone Technique and a herbal wrap that penetrates 3 diameters into the skin to make for an even deeper soft-tissue and muscular relief.

From Your Heads to Your Toes: This is our most popular Wellness Spa Session as it offers the highly effective mind-body relief-- all within 45-minutes! The Session will include a scalp/

head / shoulder Acu-pressure Massage followed by an abbreviated and customized Foot- Reflexology Treatment. (Can include hot stone and Thai- herbal foot Massage options.)

Hands OR Feet Herbal Scrub and Wrap: Using a heated and deep penetrating herbal Thai-ball, this session will feature compression massage including Deep-Tissue and Reflexology. These Massage Techniques will be applied to upper extremities as well ( i.e. hands to shoulders/ feet to knees). This Session will start with a delightful Aromatherapy cleanser, scrub and wrap.

(Hands AND Feet Scrub and Wrap Session: $85)

 Essential Wellness and Beyond...

Holistic Spa Packages: Your Health and your Time are both important to us; so we have additionally created the following Packages--that will equally honor both commodities-- while delivering

superior treatment.

Here's how it works:

1.5 Hour Spa Package:

Choose 3 Spa items (from the above Spa Menu); OR Choose 2 Spa items with a

30-minute Massage.- $185

Two- Hour Spa Package:

Choose 4 Spa items (from the above Spa Menu); OR choose 3 Spa items with a 30-minute Massage. - $245

Please note: Spa items (from above menu) will be each condensed into dynamic 30-minute items in order to make the best use of your time without compromising overall quality of the Spa session. Please book at least 48 hours in advance.

Please also note that the "Hands AND Feet" scrub/ wrap is counted as two items whereas "Hands OR Feet" scrub/ wrap counts as just one.

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