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Pilates & Weight Management

"In 10 sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better, in 30 sessions you have a

whole new body."

- Joseph H. Pilates

Why My approach to Pilates can work for you...

Over the years, many Pilates Instruction programs have taken shape. Pilates Instructors often make use of brilliant machines such as the Reformer, Cadillac and various Pilates "chairs". However, when Mr. Joseph H. Pilates started his movement program during world war I, his training started out basically on the mat. In fact, he "never took the initiative of setting up an official training program with the result that many of his [followers] went on to teach their own versions of his method....he geared his teaching to the needs of the individual and prescribed a completely different set of exercises for each client" (The Official Body Control Pilates Manual by Lynne Robinson).

It is always my aim , like Joe, to individualize each Pilates instruction. By pulling from my knowledge of the original Pilates "Contrology" exercises, I can bring you to your ultimate fitness goals. I find that keeping a simple mat-based approach to Pilates helps the brain to develop muscle memory faster and makes it easier for clients to implement Pilates into a busy lifestyle (even when I'm not present).

One-hour Sessions are $50 per hour or:

Pack of 3 sessions- $120

Pack of 6 sessions- $180

Weight-loss Management and

Lifestyle Coaching...

Yet another effective multi-faceted wellness program from Gentle Interventions. This program was originally designed to to be an adjunct for Pilates clients who wish to take 

wellness and fitness to a higher level. Now, we have found that it can work with anyone who wishes to maintain his or her ideal weight or jump start weight- loss. Trained and Certified by NESTA since 2007, Hillary Love is ready to use various means to get your health wherever you need it to take you.

These Sessions are $60 per hour or:

Pack of 3 Sessions for $150

Pack of 6 Sessions for $ 240

"Hillary Love's Lifestyle and Weight Management Program not only helped me, but it helped my whole family. The Pilates training, recipes, field trip to Austin's best health food store (Central Market in Hill's opinion) and practical wellness tips all made the program easy to follow on a long-term basis.

I feel that I received an education that changed my whole approach and viewpoint on weight-loss and healthful living. It's been three years later, and even when I have gained a few extra pounds, I don't worry because I know that I can easily and quickly drop the pounds again by applying Hillary's's been absolutely life-changing." - Charley Nichols

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