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Our Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes life throws unexpected obstacles our way which may merit cancelling an appointment. If you should need to cancel your appointment, please do so within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. Cancellations made after 24-hours notice will result in being charged $40 for any treatments over an hour long; or $30 for treaments less-than an hour long. The same policy also applies to gift certificate holders who cancle booked appointments. We thank you in advance for your kind consideration of the above policy.

Deep Tissue & Relaxation Massage Therapy

Whether you prefer a deep myofscial release or a refreshing relaxation massage, we have the skills and experience to suit your wellness needs & comfort level.

      Massage Services & Pricing:

Kinesio- Tape application: + $5

30-Minute Massage: $55

45-Minute Massage: $70

1-Hour Massage: $85

75-Minute Massage: $100

1.5 Hour Massage: $115

One -Hour Pregnancy Massage: $95

(Please click on the "more" menu to view our Pre &Post Natal Packages)

Specialized Massage and Beyond...

Specialized Massage & Acupressure Sessions

The listed techniques have demanded careful focus, years of training and much experience of the Practitioners who command mastery of them. These sessions can benefit anyone and promote well-being on an even deeper level 

than a typical Massage. Those who receive these types of sessions on a regular bases consistently report lasting health improvements. We invite you to enjoy the same positive results.

The following Sessions last 1.5 hour long and are

 $125 each

Tui Na Massage:

Tui Na is an Acupressure technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. During a session the Practitioner massages the muscles and tendons in such a way where the body's meridians (and the acu-points along the meridians) can unblock or function properly. According to Chinese Medicine, meridians are fixed pathways of the body that need to function properly in order for good health and healing to occur. Hence Tui Na is an exceptional way to address both physical and structural issues.

 Acupressure (no needles): 

Meaning "finger pressure" in Japanese, Shiatsu is a Japanese Massage technique that, like Tui Na, is based on Chinese Medicine and greatly improves both structural and physical health concerns. A session usually starts with a practitioner applying compression on the abdomen to assess the client's overall state of health. From there, the practitioner can accurately address the body's high-priority issues along with health concerns initially expressed by the client. Shiatsu massage and acupressure results in myofascial release of tissues and muscles while bringing calmness to the mind.

Foot Reflexology/ Zone Therapy:

Often referred to as "Zone Therapy" by purists, Reflexology is a micro-system that uses the feet as a guide to gain insight to the client's state of health. Reflexology makes for a sublime foot massage while deeply applying pressure to specific points referring to systems and parts of the body. This technique is a very accurate evaluation of health and effects positive change in the body and mind. (Warm-stone Therapy and/or Herbal Thai- ball Technique may be applied.)

Aromatherapy Massage:

This session features a Deep Tissue and/or Relaxation Massage. An unique essential oil formula will be personally blended for each client . Deep penetrating Aromatherapy compresses will make for improved mood, metal clarity and physical (and sometimes emotional) pain relief. 

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